Jeff Falkowski is a New York City based guitarist best know for his playing and recordings with David Lee Roth from 2004 to 2014.
     Jeff also plays guitar and bass in sessions and live performances with several different acts, including Blake Fleming of The Mars Volta, scored music for ESPN Friday Night Fights and several independent movies. He has performed on Fox TV's Fearless Music which is broadcast nation wide and internationally and has played on live-in-studio radio broadcasts with the band Electric Black. He is also a well established guitar and bass teacher in Manhattan.
      Jeff is from New York but after high school moved to L.A. and formed the band Opus Fluke. They earned early rave reviews and an eventual record deal with V2 Records. After they disbanded he headed to Palm Springs, CA at the behest of Chris Goss (Producer of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age) to play guitar in a band called SpeedQueen he'd be producing. They put out several releases on Imagine That Records while keeping up a heavy touring schedule on the west coast.
    After several years on the west coast Jeff moved back to Manhattan in his home state of New York. There he made friends with Jim Kimball who ran Ludlow Guitar in NYC. So one day when David Lee Roth walked into the his shop and informed him that he'd just moved to the neighborhood and was in need of a guitar teacher, he quickly volunteered Jeff. About an hour later he was meeting Dave, who was sitting curbside drinking margaritas and making friends fast. He told Jeff he wanted to learn Django Reinhardt, gypsy jazz, flamenco, Brazilian world beat, salsa, rumba, reggae, and a few things Jeff had never even heard of. For the next several years Jeff went on one the great musical journeys of all time with a truly legendary performer, master musician, tireless worker and all around spectacular human being. Learning and playing numerous styles, arranging big band and ragtime piano into pieces for 2 guitars.
    They eventually went into the studio in 2007 to record some of the music they'd been working on. This includes Take Sarava, a song that has Dave singing in Portuguese (He takes Portuguese lessons in spare time). It was yet another outstanding experience. To be playing the same role as some of most revered guitarists in history must have been somewhat surreal. After playing together for several years their musical chemistry is obvious from the outset which leads to an ultimately engaging performance of a beautiful song. Since first seeing the light of day for the first time in July 2008 it has been heard all over the world while receiving air play on radio stations all over the U.S. 
    Jeff's trademark from the time he began playing guitar at the age of 6 has been his love of music. Since then he's put all that love, passion, and dedication into every performance and project he's part of. The chorus from Take Sarava translates to, "All I need is music and a road to walk on." That has been and always will be the theme of his life.